Cheria Barnes

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Cheria Barnes
Game Tales Of Graces f
Title Angel Of The Battlefield
Allegiance Serenade's Army
Age 20
Weight 104 lbs
Height 5'3"
Race Human Female
Occupation Lord Of Lhant's Wife
Weapon & Skills Knives and Artes
Voice Actor Laura Bailey (USA)
Battle Theme Mamoritai-"White Wishes":
Stats Close Range: 2/10

Long Range:9/10 Specials:9/10 Synergy:7/10 Health:3/10 Speed:7/10 Defense:3/10


Accelerate Mode Temporal Rift- Press L1 as soon as you hit the opponent with any attack the enemy will be suspended in place frozen in time depleting your special meter by -10 per second until the player presses L1 again or until the meter decreases 1 full bar (100 meter) during this mode.

Flash Maiden- Cheria has the highest invincibility frames during a Back-Step dash and successfully dodging an attack this way increases her Speed stat by +1 for 10 seconds.


Signature Moves

Name & Type Input Damage & Meter Notes
LVL1 Special: Asterism Line (S) QFC+ LMH 20,000 +Priority over non LVL# Specials
LVL2 Special: Punishing Blossom (S) HBC+LMH 40,000 +Priority over LVL1 Specials or below+Guard Crush
LVL3 Special: Trillion Drive (S) FFC+LMH 65,000 +Priority over LVL2 Specials or below+Guard Crush


Special: Seraphic Bolt (LR) QFC+ L 8,000

1 meter

+Air Usable+20% Paralaysis
Special: Nurse (LR) HCB+ L 2,000

2 meter

+Healing Effect
Special: Fleetfoot (SR) QCB+ M 0

3 meter

+1 Speed Stat for 10 seconds.
Special: Veil Of Faith (SR) HCB+ M 0

4 meter

+1 Defense for 20 seconds.
Special: Etheral Rift (LR) QFC+ M 7,500

1 Meter +OTG


Special: Divine Saber (SR) HCF+ L 8,000

2 meter

+25% Paralysis+OTG
Lightning Blast (SR) QFC+ H 11,000

1 meter

+30% Paralysis
Virtuous Radiance (LR) HCF+ M 8,000

1 meter

Idignation (LR) HCF+ H 9,000

3 meter

Garden Of Innocence (SR) FCB+ H 15,000

2 meter

+OTG+Heals 2,000 x (SR) Short Range Stat

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