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Game Street Fighter 5
Title The Cerulean Empress
Allegiance Famine's Army
Age March 1,1968
Weight 110 (Guessing)
Height 5'5"
Race Human Female
Occupation Police Officer, Martial Artist
Weapon & Skills Chinese Martial Arts
Voice Actor Laura Bailey (USA)
Battle Theme Street Fighter IV:"Theme of Chun-li":
Stats Close Range:6/10

Long Range:2/10 Specials:5/10 Synergy:8/10 Health:6/10 Speed:7/10 Defense:6/10


Gimmick Edit

Blue Heron: Like a bird Chun-li can leap to the sky and soar like she is floating in midair. She has advantage when it comes to the aerial game she has air dashes in all direction and has triple jump. But her opponents aren't so lucky when they are kicked high above the air and Chun-li has freedom to do whatever she wants with them. The longer Chun-li keeps her opponents in mid-air during a combo the more vulnerable the opponent will be lowering all their stats by minus -1 every 3 seconds. This status effects wears off in 30 seconds.

Lightning Legs: You can rapidly press L1 to have Chun-li unleash her trademark Hyakuretsukyaku. This move can be cancelled into other moves and vice versa. This is move is considered a (CR) move and have the base damage of 1,000 so each kick will do 6,000 damage. Also each kick grants 1 meter x (SYN) so 8 meter.

Signature Moves Edit

Name & Type Command Properties Damage and Meter
LVL1:Shichisei Ranka (S) Down then Up+LMH +Ground Bounce

+Priority Over LVL2 specials or below

+Air Usable

LVL2:Hazan Tenshou Kyaku (S) DP+LMH +Launches Chun-li and enemy in the air

+Priority Over LVL3 specials or below

+Air Usable

LVL3:Kikosho Phoenix (S) HCF+LMH +Guard Crush


+Burn 50%


+Air Usable

Special Moves: Kikoken (LR) QCF+L,M,H +Rapid Fire (L)

+20%Dizzy (M)

+Tractability (H)

6,000 L (1meter)

7,000 M (2meter)

7,500 H (2meter)

Kikosho (CR) HCF+L,M,H +Priority over some attacks (all)

+10% Dizzy (M)

+15% Dizzy (H)

5,000 L (1meter)

6,000 M (2meter)

7,000 H (2meter)

Kikoanken (CR) During Kikosho press H +100% Dizzy if enemy isn't guarding +5,000 (1meter)
Spinning Bird Kick (CR) Down then Up +L,M,H +Priority over some attacks


+Air Usable

6,000 L (2 meter)

7,000 M (3 meter)

8,000 H (4 meter)

Spinning Phoenix Kick (CR) During Spinning Bird Kick press H +50% Burn +4,000 (1meter)
Hazanshu (CR) HCB+H +OTG


+ Ground bounce

+Chargeable adds some priority and 3,000 damage before multiplier.


1 meter

Tenshokyaku DP+L,M,H +Anti-Air

+Air Usable


6,000 L (1 meter)

7,000 M (1 meter)

8,000 H (1 meter)

Tenshokyaku Kikosho During Tenshokyaku press H +launches the enemy further up in the air +3,000 (1 meter)

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