All information about this spunky fighter can be found in her wiki page:Falsetto

Game Eternal Sonata
Title Symphonist Of Nightmares
Allegiance Serenade's Army
Age 22
Weight 98 lbs (Guessing)
Height 5'5" (Guessing)
Race Human Female
Occupation Rebel(Andantino)
Weapon & Skills Fisticuffs
Voice Actor Julie Ann Taylor (USA)
Battle Theme Eternal Sonata OST:"Leap the Precipice":
Stats Close Range:6/10

Long Range:3/10 Specials:9/10 Synergy:9/10 Health:3/10 Speed:7/10 Defense:3/10



Harmonic Chain: During any of Falsetto's special attacks you can quickly chain it to another attack or the same one by pressing the special attack command input this will cost 100 meter. A Harmonic Chain Special Attack will be calculated with the desired Special Attack damage x (SP) then times the result by 2. An example Falsetto chains Howling Thunder 8,000x9 =72,000x2=148,000 (during any special attack during a Harmonic Chain will not gain meter of course). She doesn't possess a LVL special.

Battle Between Light & Dark: Falsetto's movesets change depending in the stage she is in an example if she is standing on sunlight her Light Movesets come in play in contrast if she is an a murky shadow area her Movesets are changed to Darkness. Stages are mostly lit and can discourage players who prefer her Darkness playset not to worry just press L1+Left to use the item Shadow Tail this will give her 1min access to her Darkness movesets even if your in brightly lit area but her items are limited.

Item Usage: Can press L1 to access Falsetto's battle items. L1+Left: Shadow Tail X 3 grants darkness body meaning access to her darkness movesets despite the area this effect is temporarily and will last 1 minute . L1+Right: Glowing Tail X 3 grants Shining Body same thing as the Shadow Tail instead with her Light Movesets. L1+Up: Bubble Straw X 2 grants Air Body +4 (SPD). L1+Down: Spade Clover X1 Recovers 200,000 of Falsetto's health and +2 (HEA).

Signature Attacks

Name & Type Command Properties Damage & Meter
Special Attacks: Howling Thunder

(CR) (Darkness)

QCF+L +20% Paralysis 8,000 3meter
Death Chasm (Darkness)(LR) QCF+H +Launcher 11,000 2meter
Night Fist (Darkness)(LR) HCB+H +OTG 9,000 2meter
Willow Strike (Darkness(CR) QCF+M +Guard Crush 6,000 2meter
Dragon Blow (Light)(LR) HCF+H +20%Dizziness 11,000 3meter
Phoenix Rising (Light)(SR) QCB+L +20%Burn 9,000 2meter
Shadow Beam (Light)(LR) QCB+M +lowers all your opponents stats by -1 temporarily last 30 seconds. 8,000 2meter
Snow Claw (Light)(SR) HCF+M +20% Freeze 6,000 2meter

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