Juri Han

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Juri Han
Cvs3 juri han by enlightendshadow-d7u02hx
Game Street Fighter 4
Title Arachnid Sin
Allegiance Famine's Army
Age Unknown Age: January 1st
Weight 101 lbs
Height 5'5"
Race Human Female
Occupation S.I.N Agent
Weapon & Skills Taekwondo, Feng Shui Engine
Voice Actor Jessica Straus (USA)
Battle Theme Street Fighter IV:"Juri's Theme"-
Stats Close Range:7/10

Long Range:5/10 Specials- 6/10 Synergy:3/10 Health:5/10 Speed:7/10 Defense:7/10


Feng Shui Engine: When Juri does an "advance guard" or a "Lifesaver" you can press L1 to quickly cancel into any attack of your choice.

EX Taekwondo Expert: Press L1 during any attack to perform a more powerful variation of that maneuver this cost 50meter. It adds another 3,000 damage before the multiplier. Senpusha: gets priority over non level specials. Fuhajin: Instead of firing one fireball Juri will send two simultaneously with the second one with tractability.Shikusen: 80%Stun. Shockwave Butterfly: Juri will kick a much larger wave fireball that will cause a guard breaker. Spider's Web: Priority over LVL2 specials or below.


Signature Attacks

Name & Type Input Properties Damage & Meter
LVL1 Speacial: Fuhrenji (S) HCF+LMH +Priority Over Any non LVL# Special 19,000
LVL2 Special: Sekku (S) HCB+LMH +3 to all stats for 20 seconds 0
LVL3 Special: Kaisen Dankairuku (S) FCF+LMH +Priority Over LVL2 Spcials or below

+Guard Crush


Special Move:

Senpusha L (CR)

QCB+L +Air Usable 6,000

1 meter

Special Move: Senpusha M (CR) QCB+M +Air Usabe 7,000

1 meter

Special Move: Senpusha H (CR) QCB+H +Air Usable

+Blocks some Projectiles


1 meter

Special Move: Fuhajin L (LR) QCF+L +Aims Low 6,000

1 meter

Special Move: Fuhajin L (LR) QCF+M +Aims Mid 7,000

1 meter

Special Move: Fuhajin L (LR) QCF+H +Aims High



1 meter

Special Move: Shikusen L (CR) DF+H +Air Move 6,000

2 meter

Special Move: Feng Shui Engine Counter (CR) HCB+L,M,H +L Counters L moves

+M counters M moves

+H Counters H moves.

Cost 50Meter


0 meter

Special Move: Shockwave Butterfly


HCF+M +Air Useable

+20% Paralysis


1 meter

Special Move:

Spider's Web (CR)

FCF+L +60%Paralysis+Command Grapple 3,000

3 meter

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